Queer Self-Assertion Course

Date(s) - 10. June 2024
18:30 - 19:30

Queeres Zentrum Erfurt
Johannesstr. 52, Erfurt



The self-assertion course at the Queer Centre Erfurt is designed to empower queer people of all ages. These courses not only teach techniques for physical defence, but also the necessary skills to act confidently and safely in unsafe situations. Through a combination of practical Krav Maga techniques and strategic exercises for body awareness and conflict resolution, participants develop both their mental and physical resilience. The aim is to promote a profound sense of security and the ability to resolve conflicts effectively and non-violently.

The assertiveness course is open to all queer people aged 16 and over. Participation is free of charge. No previous experience is necessary.

Do you have any questions?
Then please write to info@mutig-angstfrei.de or call 0176/ 20586692

Queer Self-Assertion Course