Rike (pronoun: she) – Counseling


My nickname is Rike. I am one of the consultants at the QZEF.

I live in Jena and work in Erfurt as a white cis-hetero-woman with disability.

I can offer my open ear and an open heart in conversations within a protected environment (on the phone or in the consulting room) as well as support in structuring.

Besides, the rediscovery of one’s own ability to act is an important matter to me






Morgan (pronoun: none) – Counseling


I am Morgan Doll, 25 years old, trans* and genderqueer. I am white, in parts I’m able-bodied and I have studied.

I offer counseling focused on trans*, non-binary, agender and genderqueer people for all life situations at the QZEF.





Marcello (pronoun: he) – Adult education


I am Marcello, 35 years old and a white, gay cis-man, with a polyamorous heart.

I have been part of the planning group for a queer center since 2018.

Since the beginning of my studies, I have been interested in education and anti-discrimination, especially regarding LGBTQIA+ people. Here at the QZEF, I take responsibility for adult education.

Together with my colleague Nina, I am happy to shape the queer educational work in the center for and with you!



Nina (pronoun: she) – Youth education


Hello I am Nina, 27 years old and I am the youth education officer at the QZEF since October 2021.

My job is to implement educational offers and events for young queer people and interested individuals, as well as to provide education.

I am also the contact person for multipliers (teachers, social workers, etc.) who want to get more informed about sexual and gender diversity.

You have ideas, wishes or questions about youth education, then feel free to contact me.



Stefanie  – Coordination






Luna (pronoun: she) – project QueerPeers


Hello, my name is Luna and I work at the Queer Center Erfurt since September 2022.

My job is the project coordination of the Queer Peers. I am trans(feminine), queer, white, and have been intensively involved with the topics of queer feminism, identities, power, freedom, and love since my studies.